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Here are 3 links to help you get ready for Lent, which starts tomorrow:

7 Reasonable Ideas for Lent

Don’t Waste your Lent

6 Simple Ways to share your faith on Ash Wed. 

Here is a good article about how we deal with God when he’s on a different timetable than us. I know I’ve felt this way before.

At some point in our lives, most of us have become frustrated with God for not answering our prayers quickly enough.  It’s often easier to deal with the Lord saying “no”, rather then “not saying anything”.  Doesn’t He know that we need answers quickly and that time is of the essence?  

Hurry Up, Lord…I’m Waiting!

From my b-day this past summer, when I turned....23.....

From my b-day this past summer, when I turned….23…..

For the benefit of our new readers, this is taken mostly from my 1st post from last year that gave a little introduction about myself. I’ve updated it some.

When did you get to Waco and how do you like it here? I moved to Waco at the beginning of July 2013. I’ve enjoyed Waco a lot. It’s a sizable city but not too big or busy. The traffic isn’t too bad. 

Where were you before you got here and what were you doing there? I’ve been at St. Peter for just over a year now. I was in Austin four years before that. The last two years I was assigned to St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School where I taught theology and was the campus minister. Before that, I was at St. Mary Cathedral as the parochial vicar.

How long have you been a priest and what order do you belong to? Five years. I was ordained in 2008 by Bishop Gregory Aymond. I do not belong to any religious order. I am a diocesan priest of the Diocese of Austin, which St. Peter is a part of.

Where you do live? I live in the rectory (the priests’ house) at St. Louis parish here in Waco. It’s about 5 miles away from St. Peter.

Where are you from originally? Were you born in the US? I was born and raised in Mississippi. I am of Chinese descent.

What family do you have? I do not have any family in Texas. As for my immediate family, my mom lives in Atlanta. My dad passed away when I was younger. I have two brothers, one younger (who lives with my mom) and one older (who lives in NYC).

How did you get to Texas? I came to Texas to attend Rice University in Houston and have been here ever since.

How did you get to Austin and join the Diocese of Austin? After graduating, I worked in Austin for a couple of years. It was during this time that I discerned a call to the priesthood and decided to join the Diocese of Austin.

How did you decide to become a priest? Short version: It was through discerning that my greatest joy would come through serving as a priest.

Do people ever mistake you for a college student? Yes, I’m older than I look, though I don’t mind that at all. 

Do you get to have fun? Yes, I try to have fun. I like to watch TV, read, talk to friends, follow the weather, play guitar and play computer games.

What are your favorite foods? Chicken fried steak, hamburgers, chips and dip.

What are your favorite ice cream flavors? Mint CC, Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake (seasonal from Blue Bell)

How come you are so thin? It’s in my genes. My mom still asks me all the time if I’m eating enough and I’m pretty sure I am.

What are the hardest things for you about being a priest? Fearing rejection or failure, feeling responsible for everyone.

What are your favorite things about being a priest? Celebrating liturgy that allows people to encounter God, teaching, being an instrument of God’s mercy, bringing hope to people’s lives, being an instrument of unity.

How have you liked St. Peter so far? After being here one year, I still feel very blessed and joyful being here. I am inspired by the enthusiasm for the faith of so many students. It inspires me to want to be a better priest. The students’ hunger for learning more has energized me to continue studying and learning more about the faith. Their willingness to serve others and seek depth in their lives fills me with great hope for the Church. I look forward to another great year together.

How long do you plan on being here? That’s really not up to me. Though I hope I’m not leaving anytime soon, I do not have a set term here. It’s up to the Bishop to assign me according to the needs of the church of this diocese. 

Many of you may have heard about SB5, a Texas Senate Bill a pro-life bill that was vehemently opposed by pro-choicers through a filibuster this past Tuesday. This post written by Rita Suva, a friend of mine who was there at the Texas Capitol, explains what SB5 is and her experience of the filibuster crowd that disrupted the vote that night. Governor Rick Perry has called a 2nd special legislative session for July to hopefully take a valid vote and pass this bill.


We will have a Holy Hour of Adoration tonight from 8:00pm-9:00pm to pray for the Victims of the explosion in West.

The local NBC station came last week and asked me a few questions the day Benedict stepped down. I guess I made the cut for the news.
TV Interview

Some of you may have heard about a prophecy that the world will end after the next pope is elected. Here is a good overview and evaluation of this prophecy by Jimmy Akin.

How reliable is the St. Malachy Prophecy?


What will he wear? Simple white cassock and brown shoes from León, Mexico.

What will he be called? His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus or Roman Pontiff Emeritus.

Pope Benedict’s New Name

Pope Benedict’s New Wardrobe

Pope Benedict XVI announced that, due to declining physical strength, he will resign from the papacy at the end of February.


Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a joyful and restful time during the break. Here are a couple of links you might be interested in to help you reflect on this joyful feast.

Pope’s Childhood Letter to Baby Jesus Shows Faith

9 Things You Need to Know about Christmas

Benedict’s Christmas Homily

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