A Message to the Class of 2018

Hey class of 2018!

Was your time at St. Peter Catholic Student Center blessed?

I know that mine was. If, like me, you’ve received graces from your time at the student center, consider offering a gift in thanksgiving.

Your gift will support the recent purchase of a new processional cross, which we bought to replace our older, more simple one. Our new processional cross has shining rays and a beautiful corpus of Our Lord.

I’m super blessed and excited to unveil our Senior Gift here:


Consider a one-time gift of $25 or and even more generous $50 to go towards our class of 2018 gift for St. Peter’s, our home away from home.

If you feel called to offer more, like a gift of your class year (over a period of time), see the chart below for a breakdown.

Paid Monthly Paid Quarterly Paid Biannually Paid Annually Paid Total
Over 1 Year $168.17 $504.50 $1009 $2018.00 $2018
Over 2 Years $84.08 $252.25 $504.50 $1009 $2018
Over 3 Years $56.06 $168.17 $336.33 $672.67 $2018
Over 4 Years $42.04 $126.13 $252.25 $504.50 $2018
Over 5 Years $33.63 $100.90 $201.80 $403.60 $2018

Donate online here now.

Contact John Smith with any questions, and we can help you to start helping our community.


Luz Rodriguez

BU Class of 2018



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