Dear Class of 2018: Post Graduate Advice from the Baylor Catholic Network

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The following is a collection of advice from Baylor Catholic Alumni, who just like you, found themselves at the beginning of an exciting new phase after graduation.

St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center holds a very dear place in our hearts. For me, it is a place where I met some of my best friends – friends who I have stood by as they got married, attended backyard barbeques and birthday parties and been a shoulder for me to cry on when things got tough.

Community doesn’t end there. Our mission at the Baylor Catholic Network is to  provide a Catholic network after college to grow towards community, love of God, and holiness. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to attend our local events and stay connected with us to learn more ways you can help support the Catholic ministry at Baylor University.

-Elizabeth George, B.A. ‘11, International Studies

My biggest piece of advice is to know that adjustment is tough. The four large stressors in a person’s life is transitioning to a new job, a move, loss of relationship, and finances. As you graduate you may experience one or all of these stressors at the same time. Be gentle with yourself in knowing that these stressors are temporary. Know what your needs are when you’re stressed and walk forward fearlessly knowing that God is before you and desires your wellness no matter the stressor.

Also, throw yourself into a community that desires your good as a follower of Christ and as an overall human. Find and pray for the opportunity to be introduced to someone who will help you grow in virtue and resilience. Adjustment is tough. Find your people! 

-Celina, B.A. ‘12, M.S.W. ‘13, Social Work

Trust God with your job search. What doors are closed, he opens another before you. That will be more satisfying and worthwhile even if it wasn’t your initial plan. 

-Rachana, B.A. ‘11, International Studies

Life will throw curveballs that you never saw coming. Keep your head up and your faith strong, and you can get through anything.

-Sarah, B.S. ‘09, Forensic Science

As soon as you get your first salary, begin your tithe (10%) and never reduce it. You won’t even notice it missing from your income.

-Chris, B.M ‘07, M.M ‘10 of Music and Director of Music at St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center 2004-08.

Wherever you end up, find a community of friends and mentors. No one wants to go through life alone. Don’t be too proud to call your parents. They have a lot of life experience to share. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That is how you grow. Lastly, always Google the DIY option. The experience will be worth it, even if the result is a flop.

-Julie, B.S. ‘11, Electrical and Computer Engineering

1) Find your (new) church home and get involved – After graduation I ended up back at the parish I grew up in. I have been helping out with the youth group since I got back – I’m super grateful for the friendships I’ve built with the other volunteers and I’m hopeful that I’ve made a difference in the lives of the youth

2) Stay connected with your St. Peter’s friends (fellow alumni and current students) – they will be a source of great friendship and support as you transition to the next phase of life

3) If you’re still looking for a job, don’t fear – The Baylor Career services are still available to you after you graduate. You can also reach out to Baylor (and St. Peter’s) Alumni you know through the grapevine. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your parent’s friends and your friends’ parents.

-Melissa, B.S. ‘10, Electrical Engineering

Not to be too hard on yourself. The real world/job market is not an easy place for everyone, but don’t give up and know that it will all work out in the end.

-Kaitlin, B.S. ‘12, Neuroscience

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