Cocktails and Conversation: The 7th Annual Baylor Catholic Waco Reception


The Setting

On Saturday, April 14th, Robert and Kitty Tunmire opened their beautiful home and handsomely groomed gardens to host St. Peter Catholic Student Center’s 7th annual Waco reception. The receptions are always a celebration of the community surrounding the Center, but this year the Tunmires, hosting the reception for the third consecutive year, decided a garden party would be ideal as a nod to the Center’s recent growth and success. It was a true blossoming of friendship and fellowship.

Guests, who ranged from regulars at the Student Center to out-of-town donors—who’d driven from as far as San Antonio!—were warmly welcomed by Fr. Daniel Liu and Baylor Catholic students. While they mingled in the spring sunshine, musician Mark Vaselka and his talented family provided a wonderful musical backdrop to the event.

Blessing & Beverages!

Around noon, Father Daniel offered a blessing and barbecue was served on the lawn,

Mike and Alexandra Foley, smartly dressed
Mike and Alexandra Foley hosted a Drinking with the Saints bar, featuring the Beachcomber.

accompanied by delicious locally roasted coffee provided by Pinewood Roasters, a selection of craft beers donated by Bare Arms Brewing, and a craft cocktail chosen especially for the event, the Beachcomber, served by Drinking with the Saints own Dr. Michael Foley, Baylor Great Texts Professor.
The Beachcomber was selected to honor St. Justin Martyr, whose feast was the day of the garden party. St. Justin Martyr was lead to embrace Christianity by a mysterious old man on a beach. Read the cocktail page 80 of Foley’s book and below.


½ oz. light rum

1 oz. lime juice

¾ oz. Cointreau

2 dashes Maraschino liqueur

(rough substitute: Cherry Heering)

Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake forty times. Strain into a cocktail glass.

Saints Among Us

In his welcome speech, Tunmire encouraged guests to find as many statues of saints and angels as they could in his gardens. After eating, many flocked to the pond and bamboo-shrouded pagoda behind the house to test their sleuthing prowess.

Silent Auction

Throughout the event, guests bid on a silent auction featuring items donated by Michael and Alexandra Foley, Cliff Collier, Silver Linens Jewelry, Boozers Jewelers, and Stanton Stained Glass. The proceeds from the auction directly benefited the Center. Lynda Henglein of Silver Linens jewelry was also present to feature her exquisite, heraldic-inspired jewelry, and part of the proceeds from her sales at the garden party were donated to the Center.

Thank You!

We can’t thank everyone enough for everything they did to make this a truly beautiful and fruitful event, from the generosity of the Tunmire family to our hard working volunteers (many of them students), Center staff, our sponsors, and our wonderful guests!


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