How SLS18 Will Transform Baylor Students: an Interview with Eric Goetz


40 Baylor Catholic students are preparing for Student Leadership Summit 2018 (SLS18), a Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) conference that’s set to take place in Chicago in early January. FOCUS Missionary & Team Lead Eric Goetz offers some insight into what the leadership conference is all about and invites you to consider supporting this transformative experience for Baylor Catholic students.

Marlene Gonzalez: Students have quite a bit to do and many other opportunities for travel education programs. What sets SLS18 apart? 

Eric Goetz: Well, first of all, you get to travel 20 hours in a bus with 40 other people! It’s a lot of fun. But once you’re in Chicago, you’ll join 6,000-7,000 college students who are all pursuing something higher than themselves. It’s not just a trip just for yourself; it’s for Christ.

Marlene: What kind of student should go and would benefit the most from attending? 

Eric: I would say that the student who would benefit is someone with leadership qualities who has already been won to Christ and desires to make Him known. It’s not so much a conference to convert hearts. It’s really a build and send for the person who wants to make Christ known.

Marlene: Who are the conference speakers you’re most excited about? 

Eric: I would definitely say Fr. Mike Schmitz and Sr. Bethany Madonna. I’ve heard them before, and I usually end up crying. I’m not the kind of guy who cries, either! Their talks are so convicting and passionate about the mission of bringing Christ to others, and both of them are down-to-earth, very real people.

Marlene: What kinds of people will be there, and what kinds of connections will attendees make? 

Eric: The majority will be college students, but there’s also going to be priests, seminarians, parents, chaplains, and so on. Students will be able to connect with people from all 50 states and even people from England, Ireland, and Austria! It’s not just going to be athletes or biochemistry majors—these people are going to come from all walks of life, with all kinds of backgrounds and majors.

Marlene: What will students be able to take away from this conference? 

Eric: I’d say the  most important things that students will bring from SLS18 are the need to know Jesus and to make Him known, and to be inspired and equipped to do so. Students will walk away not just on a spiritual high—that will happen too, but they’ll have several days of hands-on experience in ways to share Jesus person-to-person. They’ll know how to invest in people and to bring them closer to Christ.

Many thanks to Eric for sharing his thoughts on SLS18!

Inspired? It’s not too late to join Eric and other Baylor Catholic students in Chicago by clicking here!

Help Our Students Tranform the Culture in Christ

Starting today, Baylor Catholic students are teaming up with St. Peter Catholic Student Center to raise funds for their trip. Click here(updated link for individual donations) to make a donation to help them get to SLS18!


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