5 Ways to Get the Daily Mass Readings


“Ignorance of Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.” – St. Jerome

Feasting on the riches of Scripture is a daily must, both at Mass and outside of Mass. But reading the daily Mass readings is a good start and foundation of your day, whether you can get to daily Mass or not.

Here’s a couple ways to make sure you’re getting your daily bread of the Scriptures.*

  1. Old fashioned paper: If you’re paper and binding kind of person, there are several ways to keep up with the daily readings:
  2. USCCB Daily Mass Readings Podcast on iTunes (also available online) -A great service of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Get the daily readings on your mobile device. It’s wonderful to hear them read out loud, and a little fun and interesting to hear the different readers (with different styles and accents).
  3. EWTN: The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) posts the daily readings as well as video of the readings/ homily on their YouTube channel. Downside: the video is usually not available until mid-morning, so if you are an early riser and like to have morning devotions with the daily readings, you might try one of the other options.
  4. Universalis: Free daily readings and liturgy of the hours (uses New Jerusalem Bible translation).
  5. Apps: There are several Catholic apps where you can find the daily readings, some free and some paid, all in English and some with other language options.
    • Laudate (Free on iTunes and Google Play) a fair app. The daily readings are just a web app connection to the USCCB site (and the text is a bit small), but it has a lot of things in one place. You can’t beat the price. English only.
    • Evangelizo (Free on iTunes and Google Play)– Daily readings in 10 languages.
    • Catholic Daily Readings (Free on iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft Windows) – Super easy to use: open and it loads the readings. Plus it has a share function.
    • iMissal app (iTunes, $4.99, & Google Play, $3.99) – A decent app that has the daily readings (and full missal for Mass in English), as well as daily scriptures, prayers, and Catholic news. The audio readings require a data/ WiFi connection, and the saints feast days they list are sometimes incorrect, but overall of fair to good app experience.
    • Word Among Us – (Free for 14 day trial, $1.99/mo or $23.99/ year on iTunes or Kindle) Mass readings and reflections.

How do you get your daily Mass readings? Do you have a favorite Missal or app we missed?

*Most of these options use the American Mass translation, which uses the New American Bible.


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