Advice for Freshmen


Joesph is a junior music major from Irving, Texas. He is also VP of the Catholic Student Association. 


The manner of how an individual approaches college will dictate the education they receive. Yes, college is where students read their textbooks so that they can then cram for their exams the night before in order to receive their diploma. But if students were to only confine themselves in the ideology that college is simply to get a diploma, then they have trapped themselves in a less productive mind set. Many incoming freshmen believe that college is simply another step in life. That they go to college, study, graduate, then get a fiscally stable job. Though this belief is essential, it neglects a stronger purpose of attending a university.


As a devout Catholic I view college not only as opportune moment to receive a diploma, but also a rare chance to enhance one’s values, morals, and spirituality. Essentially, college is where people should go to develop their soul. The chance to allow oneself to be broken down to then be built up into a stronger and more rounded individual.


To strengthen one’s soul is unique to the individual, but does not lack the assistance of a strong community. The development of the soul needs a discipline faith in God. A Catholic’s faith is unique, and that being so, it takes time to discover what truly brings one closer to God. During this time of searching, one will endure a variety of emotions and experiences. One will experience joy, sadness, love, pain, hardship and temptations. While experiencing all these emotions and trials, this is where the need of a community is necessary. A community that is dedicated to helping someone grow closer to God. At Baylor University, I have found numerous communities as described, but the one community that means the most to me is the Catholic community at St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center.


At St. Peter’s I was and still am challenged by my peers to try numerous methods to grow in my faith in God. Parishioners at St. Peters have strengthen my values of the importance of family, assisting the needy, and giving back to my communities back home. They have challenged me to pray harder in my times in need, and they have always been at my side when I’m struggling with personal hardships.


My advice to incoming freshmen is to simply allow oneself to grow not only in the classroom, but to grow one’s character through the assistance of a loving community and faith in God.


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