Thursday with Travis: Second Cup


In the professional life it’s pretty common for someone to experience an “afternoon slump”. In the morning many people show up to their places of work ready to rock and roll. They grab a cup of coffee, sit down at their desk, and get down to business. It’s nothing but productive and effective work and BAM before you know it, it’s time to eat lunch. Unfortunately, it’s what happens after lunch that’s the problem. During the “afternoon slump”, morale drops, productivity is halted, and quite frankly nobody feels like being at the office anymore.

This type of day happens to me at the office all the time. I get in, have a cup of coffee, and I can’t wait to do whatever it takes to perform my duties well. One day the afternoon came and I had my slump. That day though, I decided that this work was too important to have an afternoon slump. So I said a prayer and grabbed a second cup of coffee. Now that second cup of coffee represents more than just a beverage I enjoy drinking or an afternoon pick me up, it represents a resolution that’s renewed everyday. The second cup is a resolution to not give up just because the day is starting to seem long, an assertion that your work is important enough to see it through to its completion.

The spiritual life works just like that. We get our prayer lives going and before you know it, it’s daily Mass, Rosaries, and boy oh boy we can’t get enough Adoration. But then for one reason or another we take a lunch break. It is important in your professional life to take breaks, but a person should never take a break from their spiritual life. However, the reality is your spiritual life is not always as fervent as it should be. Sometimes, you will take an unexpected lunch break and when that happens you will be tempted to become discouraged. These are the times where it is most important not to quit.

So during those times where maybe you haven’t been very motivated in your prayer life, fight with all your might not to become discouraged. Grab that second cup of coffee and get back to it!

“Discouragement is an enemy of your perseverance. If you don’t fight against discouragement you will become pessimistic first, and lukewarm afterwards. Be an optimist.” – (St. Josemaria Escriva, The Way, 988).


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