FOCUS Fridays: Meet Chris!


To start off, my name is Chris Tasler. I am a first-year missionary here at Baylor, hailing from the northern lands of Iowa. I pursued my undergraduate degree at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. There I received my diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

​The reason I’m a FOCUS missionary can probably be traced back to a particular evening my sophomore year of college. It was a quote I remember reading which said, “Few people are willing to step up to be a leader. That’s why it’s so valuable.” I prayed to God that night that He’d make me into a leader. Something shot into my heart to desire this. I had always shied away from positions of leadership, of responsibility, of people looking to me for guidance because I was afraid to fail. For some reason now though, I wanted it. Even though I was still as useless as a limp fish out of water, I trusted God would build me up into who I needed and desired to be.

​So I began taking on projects in the engineering club and accepting the roles such as being the president of the club. Tears of frustration would come now and again. But with every month that passed I could look back and see how God had held me up. So I knew He was with me now and We’d get through this next month alright. And what’s more crazy is that I knew He had been there with me, listening to my prayer that night and said, “I’ll do it.” Towards the end of the my fifth year at college I began going around the Kansas area helping to host retreats for students in middle school and high school, giving talks. It was an incredible experience and loved it! But of course it was nerve-wracking too.

​This and much more I’ve taken with me into FOCUS. It’s another step in answering my prayer years ago. But what’s amazing is that I get the opportunity to bring other men along with me. I get to build them up and train them into being leaders themselves so they can, in turn, lead many others to Jesus Christ. That’s what Jesus was doing the whole time in the Gospels! He was training the Apostles to be leaders for His Church once He was gone and no longer physically present.

​May God’s grace rest upon you!


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