Testimony Tuesdays: Eric

I grew up in the Catholic Church and have been going to mass regularly my whole life. I received the sacraments at the proper age but throughout middle school and high school my faith was just another department of my life, like school or sports or friends.

The Christian atmosphere at Baylor was definitely a reason why I came here, but I saw it more as a place where the people were really nice and happy. I was focused on the fruit instead of the vine!

My first year at Baylor I was approached by members of a protestant church and hung out with them off and on and went to some of their services. I also went to Saint Peter’s sometimes on Sundays. I liked the community at this other church but I knew there was something special about the Catholic Church. I didn’t even know about the super awesome community of Catholics that hung out at Saint Peter’s all the time.

My junior year one of my neighbors told me about Bear Awakening and convinced me to go. I’m so glad I did, it was an amazing weekend and got my foot in the door with the Saint Peter’s community. I realized how much easier it is to pursue Jesus when you have friends that encourage you and keep you accountable as opposed to pulling you in the wrong direction.

My senior year at Baylor has been the best one by far. I see my faith now not as another part of my life, but as a developing relationship with the very real person who is Jesus Christ. His infinite love and mercy have been a great source of joy for me and I strive to know and love Him more everyday.

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