FOCUS Fridays: Ana


Fasting and Feasting: Our Church does it too!

Hey, guess what?? Ash Wednesday is next week! Who’s excited for Lent? *internet high-five* Wooo! I am so ready to start fasting and sacrificing and meditating on the Passion of our Lord! It’s pretty awesome, am I right?? Well, actually it really is, but I think in reality Lent can sometimes intimidate us or make us feel a little overwhelmed. Some questions that may take up our thoughts are, “What am I going to give up? Am I a bad person if I don’t fast? Is my sacrifice good enough? What if I fail at it?” Ok, take a deep breath and repeat after me: IT ISN’T THAT BAD! You know why? Because you’re not alone in this process.

Check it! The Church and its liturgical year has periods of fasting and feasting. These periods are Advent followed by Christmas and then Lent followed by Easter with two times of relaxation in between each called Ordinary time. The awesome thing about these periods of time is that they are what makes the beauty of the mass and the sacraments ebb and flow and continue to bring life to us. Think of it this way, if the Church is the body of Christ and any healthy body needs time to be pushed beyond its limits (aka exercise and eating healthy), rest, and have fun in order to have a good life, then the Church needs to do it too! *Boom…Mic drop!*

The best part about this is that individually we can also do these things but it’s even nicer to know that we belong to a bigger body. It isn’t as scary when we do it together (like having a work-out buddy who won’t let you down).

Guys, our Church is awesome! We GET to fast together, push ourselves and prepare for those moments of joy and happiness because our God loves us so much! Don’t be afraid to join in and if you fail at whatever it is you’re doing for Lent, just know your Mother (the Church) has your back. She’ll be there waiting for you to come back and work out with her so that you can continue to be healthy on your walk to Christ.

Stay happy and enjoy the sun!

Ana 🙂


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