Focus Fridays: Ana

Fulfillment in God vs. Fulfillment in humans


On a scale of 1-10 where would you place your relationships with others? I guess that’s more of a rhetorical question since I can’t hear your answers past this computer screen! And it may also vary with each person in your life. Your family members may probably be closer to the 10 side, whereas your lab partner could be at a 1 or 2.

So, where is Jesus on that scale? Where would you place Him? And have you even thought, “Where would He place me? Have I let Him get to know me?” WHOA! Hadn’t thought of that side of the scale, huh? But it’s true. And well, aside from the fact that God DOES know you better than you know yourself, have you really let Him in to your heart?

Finding a balance on that scale can be tricky, especially when everyone else is so physically present and God, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult to see or hear. But there is nothing stopping you from making Him real, only you. I would say the first step to get Him higher on that scale is to want to want Him there. It may be tough to get rid of other relationships that you may be placing above Him but starting off by saying I want to have the desire to want Him in my life is a huge step! You are choosing to acknowledge Him instead of ignoring Him and His place.

After that, you may also have to realize that unfortunately, some of those other relationships won’t ever come close to the fulfillment that God will give. Think of it this way, there is nothing stopping you from going out to HEB, buying a tub of icing and eating all of it on the ride home. You’ll have automatic pleasure and joy at the immense deliciousness it gives you but what happens after you eat it? The pleasure is gone and all you’re left with is a huge stomach ache and a hate for yourself and all the calories you just consumed. It was easily accessible, provided rapid happiness but leaves you with nothing but shame.

Exercise is a little different and this is coming from someone who still has yet to acquire a love for physical activity! Exercise is harder to do. You have to drive somewhere, get dressed in appropriate attire, find your headphones and a right playlist, warm-up, and then to top it all off you have to shower afterwards! It’s so time consuming and kind of a pain to even want to do it! But once you go for a run or lift some weights, you feel amazing after. Who can say that after a workout they felt like they just wasted so much time and they’re body didn’t benefit from it? NO ONE! It’s a little harder to do and requires a little more effort but it’s definitely worth it.

Some relationships are icing but Jesus is always exercise. Growing closer to Him takes time, effort, and sometimes a little pain but it’s so satisfying when you have Him in your life. Sad to say, there are a lot of relationships out there for us who are higher on our scale but can leave us with that emptiness after a couple of minutes of joy.

Find your fulfillment in God first. Humans are finite and will never be able to compare to the infinite love God has for you. Plus once you do that, it’s funny how every other relationship will fall into the right place too. J God bless! Happy Baylor Homecoming!
-Credits to Catholic author and speaker, Matthew Kelly.

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