FOCUS Fridays: Meet Adam!


What’s up everyone! I’m Adam Bremerkamp, one of the four FOCUS missionaries at Baylor. It has been great working with the students here the last couple months. I am excited to see what God has in store for this campus and how he will transform the lives of Baylor students. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit of my story.

My faith journey was relatively normal growing up, at least for someone born in the Midwest. I was raised Catholic. It gets interesting after I moved away to college to the University of Tulsa. I found myself very quickly getting distracted by many of the exciting tales of college life. My lifestyle almost immediately changed, but without me even paying attention to the drastic changes. I came to college with the intention of getting involved with the Catholic center on campus. I wanted to grow in my faith. But even to my surprise I told myself, “I’ll go to church next week, I just need to sleep in today.” As each week went by, it became normal to me to skip church on Sunday.

I joined a fraternity my first semester in college. I joined for good enough reasons. It sounded fun to hang out with a group of guys, to live with them. I slowly got caught up in the party scene. Unfortunately, what started as casually having a beer every once in a while, turned into excessive drinking by the end of the semester. I was always looking forward to the next party. But this fraternity which encouraged my drinking habits also ended up being the same thing that would change my life for the better. There were two sophomores when I was a freshman that were pursuing Christ whole-heartedly. They started talking to me about my faith. They invited me to a retreat over Christmas break. I was very resistant to go on the retreat, but somehow I ended up there.

Thankfully, this retreat allowed me to step away from the distractions long enough for me to realize the path I was heading down. After this retreat I promised myself that I would never live that double life again. I began pursuing my faith. With the help of David, one of the sophomores in my fraternity, I learned the importance of a personal relationship with Christ. I started praying regularly and reading the Bible, which I had never done before. With David there personally showing me the way, I was no longer going through the motions. I was no longer just going to church or on retreats just because others were. But I finally learned how to know Christ, to make Him a friend and companion rather than a far off God. Throughout the next couple years, David continued to help me to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ and showed me how to share my faith.

Now, as I spend my time at Baylor, I can only hope to be a David for these students; to help them navigate the waters through their time in college; to help them discover Christ in his fullness.


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