FOCUS Fridays: Meet Brock!

(Editor’s note: Normally Brock will post on the first Friday’s of the month but due to technical difficulties on our part his October post is happening today.)


brocks face

Hello there! My name is Brock Martin and I a first year FOCUS missionary here at Baylor University. My journey here has been anything but “typical.” I was a pretty “typical” college student who found my identity in getting girls and having as much fun as I could at as many parties as I could. So how and why have I decided to turn down jobs and grad school to spend the next few years reaching out to college students?

Going back to high school, sports were always my idol, and that kept me out of a lot of trouble. However, once I got to college, I found out how much fun alcohol, girls, and drugs could actually be. In my head, I knew it was probably wrong, but who cared? I was in college, and this was my one and only shot at having fun with no consequences! The habits I built up actually made it impossible for God to touch any aspect of my life, and to be honest, I thought it was liberating and awesome.

My sophomore year of college, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and while I was over there I realized something that has stuck with and will stick with me for the rest of my life. And that simply is this: all of that stuff is actually NORMAL to enjoy. But the “Christian life” isn’t actually about saying “no” to all fun and pleasure. The reality of it is that God actually created you and I for a relationship WITH HIM and while all the things that are shoved down our throats as “fun,” “liberating,” or “expected,” actually bring a small amount of pleasure and happiness, letting Him into your heart and allowing Him to transform your life can bring so much more! What’s even more interesting is that this relationship didn’t take a miracle or some crazy vision of Mary or a saint. God was able to break through my “walls” only because I made some friends who were willing to love and chill with me regardless of who I was or the stuff I did on Friday nights. It was in and through those relationships that I realized these guys had a kind of joy that I craved, and was actually at the heart of why I did anything in life.

In the end, we can choose to look at God as rule giver if we want, or we can make the decision to try to see him as a loving Father who is always trying to call us into a deeper friendship with himself. This relationship will only bring us an unbelievable amount of joy and fulfillment and if anything, I hope my story motivates you to share your faith more in your friendships, because you never know how many “Brock’s” are in your life with God just waiting for you to have the confidence to share your faith, giving him the chance to work around their walls.



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