Testimony Tuesdays: Emily

Emily Glaven is a senior engineering major from Grapevine, TX.


“Coming to Baylor as a freshman I was excited for the opportunity to make new friends and start working toward my degree.  Growing up Catholic, I was not expecting to experience any real spiritual growth but thought my faith was something I would have to keep to myself.  Luckily neither of these things ended up being true.”

My first semester at Baylor St. Peter’s was just a place that I went to for mass on Sunday mornings (sometimes Sunday nights if I was too tired that morning.)  I didn’t feel any connection to the people there and was oblivious to the fact that my relationship with God was lacking.  Second semester that changed after I attended a retreat called Bear Awakening.  My eyes were opened to the love that God wanted to share with me and I was able to meet so many other Catholics who desired this relationship.  I began showing up to daily mass and would stay until the center closed so I could work on my homework and spend time with my friends.  It was such a blessing to finally have friends I could talk with about the Eucharist and confession without being questioned and misunderstood.

Sophomore year was great for me to become more involved in activities around St. Peter’s but again, by the end of the year, I was complacent in my faith.  Junior year came and we were blessed with four on campus missionaries from FOCUS.  They started up bible studies and revealed to us the importance of evangelization.  I began meeting one on one with one of the missionaries, Maddie, for discipleship.


{Fr. Daniel, Maddie, Myself, and Meredith at St. Peter’s}

I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole thing for a long time.  I had always been pretty personal in my faith and reluctant to share with others.  This is still something I struggle with but am so thankful for the patience of Maddie and the other missionaries for helping me along the way.  With them and about 30 other students I was able to attend a conference called SEEK with other Catholic college students from around the country.  I was inspirational to see so many young Catholics running toward Christ.  I had the opportunity to hear great speakers talk about everything from the meaning behind the mass, dating, and relativism.  I learned more about my faith in that one week than I had in my 21 years of life before that.


{The St. Peter’s SEEK 2013 Team squinting into the sunlight on the last day of the conference}

Another great opportunity I had was going to Mexico on a mission trip with two of the missionaries and my friend Megan.  There I was able to put my faith into action.  We helped begin building a chapel, held adoration throughout the city, played with the children, and talked to the town about their faith life.  This was the most meaningful experience I’ve had while at Baylor and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to go.


{Mission Trip in Mexico- How cute is she?!}

Now that I’m a senior ready to graduate one of the things I’m going to miss most about college is St. Peter’s.  It is an incredible blessing to have a church with daily mass and adoration times that are conducive to a college student’s schedule.  I will never forget the friendships I’ve made here and all the memories we shared at the student center.


{Awakening Leadership Staff 2013}



  1. This was all really helpful to a Baylor Freshman! Thank you so much! I would also love to hear more about upcoming mission trips/advice and tips you have about them (if you have any!)

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