In Full Communion with the Catholic Church

by Emily Edmondson, a theology student at Baylor University.  Emily is the student coordinator of RCIA this school year.

A few weeks ago, on March 3, Bishop Joe Vasquez, Bishop of the Diocese of Austin, came to St. Peter’s in order to officiate at our Confirmation Mass! This Confirmation Mass was for those who had been baptized in the Church, received the sacraments, but had yet to be Confirmed before attending Baylor.

As both a Catholic and a Baylor student, this is very poignant for me. First, that Baylor provides such an open environment to ponder questions about Christian faith and life in a college environment and, second, that those who were confirmed were able to find and contribute to a strong Catholic faith community at St. Peter’s.

As we as a Church prepare for Easter, I pray that these newly Confirmed continue to strengthen their faith, and add even more to the St. Peter’s community. The Catholic faith is very much active at Baylor and St. Peter’s!

2013 confirmation


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