Prayer in the Midst of Craziness

by: Alex Pane

God is important. Fact.  He is more important than studying, television and my friends.  Fact.  Then why is so hard to make time for Him during the semester?

It is not because I don’t want to spend time with God or because I don’t love Him.  I just have a hard time stepping back from my busy life and spending time in prayer.  This semester, I am in class for 21 hours a week, I have a job, I’m in several organizations, and I am in a Bible study as well as lead one myself. I also have to study for said classes, see my friends (isolation is not okay,) make time to eat and sleep (sometimes.) You can see that I am fairly busy.  So what keeps me going during the week? Lots of coffee and Jesus.

No, seriously, having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is what gets me through every hour of my day.  In the middle of a busy test week (like this one,) I can take a step back from studying and spend time with Him and be reminded what is important. Of course doing well in school is important as well (I have to graduate,) but it is not as important as my relationship with Jesus.  But how is there enough time in the day for everything I need to do and for prayer?  Well I thought that there was not enough hours to just go to class, study, work and be a functional human being (sleep anyone?).  But then I got a planner and mapped out how I spend every hour of my day (a bit OCD, I know.)  I realized that I had at least an hour every day that I was not being productive: time spent on Facebook, Pinterest, or watching my favorite tv show.  So I really did have time???

This meant that my excuse didn’t work anymore and I had to face reality and schedule my priorities like an adult.  Every week I plan out my schedule: first classes and work, going to Mass, when I’m going to sleep, what time I’m going to pray and then when I am going to study.  This way I can make a list of everything I need to get done during the week, just so long as I have scheduled a time to pray.  Trust me, there is time in your busy life for God, you just have to schedule your priorities and make time to form a deep relationship with Him. It’s not going to be fun or easy to follow a schedule.  Every day is an internal struggle to pray; when my allotted time to pray approaches I always think about how I have a test that I should be studying for or how my friends are about to go out to eat, pretty much every other thing I can do except pray.  It’s not easy, but its possible and it is definitely worth it.  How are we supposed to be Christians, to bring Christ to the world, when we do not even know Him ourselves? St. Gianna Molla said that “Only if we are rich in grace ourselves, can we spread it around us, for we cannot give what we do not have.” I’m not going to ask you if you have time to pray, because you do, but can you make more time for God in your daily life?


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