Dive into Lent

Today begins the season of Lent.  If you are interested in diving deeper into your faith, here are some ways that St. Peter’s can help you out.

Confession: If you haven’t been in a long time, there isn’t any better time than now to renew your soul through God’s mercy. During Lent, St. Peter’s normally has confessions on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:30-5:15pm.  You may also call to setup an appointment.

Prayer: Give some more time to God each day in prayer.

Daily Mass: 5:30pm M, Tu, Th, Fri; 12:15pm Wed

Lectio Divina: An ancient way of praying with scripture. 5:00-5:20pm on Mondays.

Divine Mercy Chaplet: 5:00-5:20 on Tuesdays.

Rosary: After 5:30pm Masses.

Adoration: Solemn Exposition & Benediction – Wed 5:30-6:30pm.  Simple Exposition – Tues & Thurs 7:00-7:30am.      .    Thurs & Fri: 4:30-5:30pm.

Stations of the Cross: Fri at 7pm

Service/Almsgiving: Volunteer to serve with a charity. Make monetary or material donations to charities. Participate in 40 Days for Life, a constant peaceful prayer vigil for the unborn.

Fasting: Sacrifice something or reduce the amount of your consumption of something. Fast from social media or other modern conveniences.

Bible Study: Join a Bible Study and discover more about God’s personal love for you. If your faith is something that feels routine or lukewarm, this is a great way to change that.  Contact Marcus at: marcus.schoch@focus.org

Study: Pick up a book to read to deepen your faith. Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Catholicism is available for free at the center. Listen to a CD or talk about the faith. See our Lighthouse Media display or see the link on our website.


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