Tips for Lent

Check out this article by Lauren Guide from Austin New Catholic Media!

It is a week or so before the beginning of Lent, and I find myself cringing a bit. We just finished Christmas, for goodness sake! I still have a plastic box of Christmas snow globes on the top of the piano that I haven’t yet put away. And now, we’re edging up on to Lent already? How am I supposed to ‘get my head in the game’?

Because, I really DO want my head in the game.

Just as late winter brings about the desire for cleaning and purging our homes in anticipation for Spring, our hearts naturally yearn for restoration… we know something good is coming, but this ‘good’ requires something of us.

So, there is Lent. Let us join in.

But, as all parents (or any busy person) know, Lent is different when you’re the one in charge. A good Lent takes effort. A good Lent requires purpose. A good Lent has to be intentional, or it quickly becomes a mishmash of Church requirements, prayer cards, symbols and rituals that can lose meaning if we’re not focused.

Click Here to finish the article and read a few tips to help you live an intentional Lent in 2013.



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