Austin’s Pro-life March: “We are the pro-life generation”

Austin Pro-life Rally
Austin Pro-life Rally

by Helcio Sumbe, sophomore nursing major at Baylor.

We gathered at St. Peter’s and departed around 730 in the morning and the closer we got to Austin the more it looked like rain. we got to San Jose to church and participated in a live rosary along with some of the youth from around Austin and Texas. We then began mass where we received a captivating homily from our Bishop Joe Vasquez where he commissioned us to fervently pray for the conversion of our government officials. Later on at the march, Baylor Knights of Columbus began to lead chants such as “hey Obama your momma chose life” and “hey hey hoho roe v wade has got to go” along with a chaplet of divine mercy. We could see the fruits of our prayer when we heard different Texan politicians including Governor Rick Perry thank us for our efforts, and implore us to continue fighting the good fight. One speaker made biblical references to the number 40, how after 40 days or years, the Israelites, Jesus, and Noah, were granted Gods faithful promise. They received the promise land, they found the new land to be settled, and He gave us eternal life. I firmly believe that after 40 years a change is a coming in our government, thanks to the pro-life efforts of the Catholic Church around our nation, and in our state.

Austin Pro-life Rally
Austin Pro-life Rally

Austin Pro-life Rally


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