Check out this interesting article published on the FOCUS blog.  Written by Matt Fradd.

The credibility of Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith. If he is credible then we can trust what he said about God—including, for example, that God is a Trinity of three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It all comes down to the credibility of Jesus.

Some have tried to portray Jesus as merely a good teacher, someone who proposed wise moral teachings. Others have viewed him as a prophet or a mystic. But Jesus claimed more than this.

He claimed, as one of the three Persons of the Blessed Trinity, to be God himself.

This is a striking claim, and it is either true or false. If it is true then he is, indeed, the Lord of the universe and the Christian faith is true.

So what are the alternatives?

  1. He was a liar, a religious charlatan who knowingly made false claims.
  2. He was a lunatic, someone who was sincere but deluded.
  3. He was a mere legend and didn’t exist at all.

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