Parish Council Nominations!

We will be having elections for Parish Council soon!  This means that we need YOU to nominate who you think would be right for the job by Sunday, November 24. The main purpose of the council is to have a forum in which Father can hear what the students feel about the issues of the church and to provide the church with free labor.

Below are the different positions on the council:
Chairman (or Chairperson if we want to use gender-inclusive language)–In charge of all Council’s activities, responsible for meeting with Father to set the agenda for meetings, leading meetings, and being present at everything that council does.

Vice-Chairperson–The background person.  Taking care of all tasks assigned by the Chairperson and willing to fill in for the Chairperson should he/she be absent from an event.  In charge of planning for the Church Fair.

Social Chair–The most exciting person you’ll ever meet.  Responsible for planning at least one social activity a month for St. Peter’s and for communicating the social needs of Council with Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Melissa.

Service Chair–Responsible for finding, planning, and staffing service projects around the church and (hopefully) in the greater Waco area.  Next year, I want us to be a part of Steppin’ Out (maybe lumped in with CSA, CDA, and KOC)

Secretary–Responsible for taking notes at all the meetings and for emailing those notes out to members.  Otherwise, helping however he/she best sees fit.

Treasurer–Responsible for attending Finance Council Meetings and communicating with Ms. Melissa as the student representative for Council’s Finances and for St. Peter’s growing donor base.

Class Representatives (Fresh, Soph, Jun, Sen – 4 positions)–Representing the concerns of their class to the Council and enacting measures designed to get their class more involved at St. Peter’s.  Junior Class Rep is in charge of the Senior Baccalaureate Mass.  Senior Class Rep is in charge of the Senior Class Gift and the fundraisers leading up to it.

Co-Retreat Chairs (2 positions)–Responsible for funding, planning, staffing, and running NSR in the fall.  Also, responsible for hosting a Council retreat in the Spring.

Please submit your nominations to our BaylorCatholic Facebook page as a “message.”  You can nominate by clicking on the “Message” button at the top of the page and writing “I would like to nominate _____ for _____ position.”   We will also have a ballot box and nomination forms available in the lobby of St. Peter’s.


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