Baylor’s Best Season of All – Homecoming

By: Elizabeth George, ’11 Baylor Grad blogging on behalf of the Baylor Catholic Alumni Association. Posts every first Friday of every month. Check out the BCAA here.

There’s a reason you can’t stay away from Baylor during Homecoming. I can only assume this because its an opportunity to once again fall in love with the place that has given us – as students, staff or friends – so much. We got our education, made our life long friends, in some cases found our spouses, and transitioned from college students to adults.

Amidst Baylor’s Homecoming activities – the parade, bonfire, football game, pigskin, receptions, etc. – there was something new. This year, St. Peter’s had a Mass on Saturday followed by a dedication ceremony of a statue of St. Peter’s now prominently displayed on the front lawn of the church.

What struck me the most is how many students, staff, FOCUS missionaries, and community members made Mass on Saturday a part of their Homecoming experience. It is as much of a testimony to how much Catholicism, St. Peter’s and faith is also engrained in all of our Baylor experiences. I hope this will soon become a tradition, to have a Mass for alumni be a part of St. Peter’s Homecoming traditions.

Fr. Daniel Liu blessing the statue of St. Peter dedicated in memory of  Lo Oglesby (’10)

Check out more pictures from the dedication of the statue of St. Peter, click here. Don’t forget to “LIKE” the Baylor Catholic Alumni Association on Facebook for updates on all things alumni, events and information on our quarterly e-newsletter.


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