Baylor’s Very Own Catholic Student Association

by Stephanie Martinez, CSA’s president and a student at Baylor University

When the Catholic Student Association was established in November of 2008, its charter members envisioned an organization where Baylor Catholics could share their faith with their teachers and peers on Baylor’s predominantly Baptist campus. Today, CSA is accomplishing just that. In its four years of existence, the Catholic Student Association has made great strides in helping its members grow in service, friendship, and spirituality.

General meetings usually begin with a moment of prayer – a way for students to take a step back from their busy days and connect with God. Recently, we participated in a ‘Week of Prayer’ to help kick off the beginning of the Year of Faith. Members recited the Divine Mercy Chaplet, attended Mass together, and heard a talk by Father Daniel Liu.

It should come as no surprise how much emphasis CSA puts on service; as followers of Jesus, we are called to be servants to one another. This calling is one our members have answered time and time again by participating in Habitat for Humanity, Steppin’ Out, St. Jerome’s Fall Festival, and other activities.

Through it all, CSA has been a vibrant example of fellowship and camaraderie. At last week’s Homecoming events, our lively group participated in the parade and the St. Peter’s Alumni Tailgate. Excited students came together to present a united Catholic presence to all of Baylor’s faculty, students, and alumni.

As an officer, this occasion was one of the most enlivening experiences I have had with CSA. Multiple people approached me throughout the day and communicated to me how delighted they were to see an organization for Catholics on a Baptist campus. I am proud to be a part of a group that brings together faith, servitude, and companionship at a school that is so accepting of its students beliefs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic Student Association, send an email to


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  1. Great write up on CSA! What an asset they are, and a great reflection of what being “green, gold and Catholic” means.

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