Sisters in Christ

By Megan Trahan, a senior at Baylor University and an officer in Catholic Daughters of America.
    When I first came to St. Peter’s, I was invited to join the Catholic Daughters. Now, I don’t know if your church is the same way, but at my home parish the Catholic Daughters were little old ladies who cooked on Fridays during Lent, for funerals, and all the other events held at church. I had no idea what they really did, or how anything a group of little old ladies did could apply on a college level. I had no idea what CDA was really about.
    While cooking is still part of what we do (Cookies after mass every week? That’s us!), CDA at St. Peter’s is about so much more than that! It’s about serving the St. Peter’s and Waco communities while growing stronger in our faith and in our sisterhood.  It’s about fun and friendship, all while learning more about what is means to be a daughter of the King. We serve St. Peter’s by cleaning the chapel and baking cookies for mass every week, as well as cooking dinner during Lent and for the Confirmation mass. We tailgate with the Knights of Columbus during football season, and go to sporting events with our CDA sisters. We also have our own spiritual retreats and social events throughout the year to grow as sisters in Christ. We participate in Steppin’ Out at Baylor as well as other projects to serve the Waco community. CDA is a national organization, so we also participate in national and state CDA events, such as a weekend retreat for all college CDA courts in the state of Texas. Our meetings are every other Sunday at 3:30. Come by and see what we’re all about!

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