St. Peter’s Homecoming Activities

By: Elizabeth George, ’11 Baylor Grad blogging on behalf of the Baylor Catholic Alumni Association. Posts every first Friday of every month. Check out the BCAA here.

It’s that time again. Homecoming floats are secretly being built, Pigskin rehearsals are gracing the stage at Waco Hall and Alumni are making plans to return home from Baylor.

In addition to the University’s festivities and in addition to the Homecoming parade, Bonfire lighting and the Homecoming football game, there will be another set of Homecoming activities – St. Peter’s Homecoming.

Whether you’ve graduated three or 30 years ago, whether you went to events at the Newman Center, Baylor Catholic Student Center or St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center, we’d love to see you Homecoming weekend and show you the vibrant community of Catholics we continue to have at Baylor. (For class of 2003, it’s been ten years! I can’t imagine how fast time flies!)

The names of the activities may have changed, we may have added more retreats and changed the way St. Peter’s looks but our mission is the same – to have a place for Catholic students to worship, learn, experience and grow their faith and become leaders in whatever you do.

As of now, our Homecoming activities are as follows:

Saturday, November 3

Alumni Mass and Statue Dedication

Join us after Parade for an Alumni Mass, followed by a dedication of our new statue of St. Peter
on the front grounds of the center.

The statue was donated by the Class of 2012 in memory of former student
Loren “Lo” Oglesby who passed away in January, 2010.
A short reception will follow the dedication.

Tailgate to welcome you “home”

Join us before the game against Kansas for some good ole tailgatin’ fun,
sponsored by the Catholic Student Association
and assisted by the Knights of Columbus.

Both these events’ times are dependent on Baylor Homecoming Parade and Game times which have not yet been announced,
so check back for more details soon.

We hope that you consider making some of these activities part of your Baylor Homecoming experience. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact the front office or email


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