He Chose You!

By Alex Pane (Pane is a Sophomore Nursing major from Sugar Land, Texas that attended the New Student Retreat as a table leader. She is also a student worker for St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center. Her primary responsibility is assisting with social media outreach and oversees the BaylorCatholic Blog.)

Every year, St. Peter’s has a New Student Retreat (NSR) for freshmen, transfer students and other students interested in becoming a part of the St. Peter’s community.  NSR’s coordinators this year, Gabby Chapa and Frank Alvarez, have been planning the retreat for months and spent countless hours making sure that everything would go smoothly during the weekend.  The theme of the retreat was Deuteronomy 7:6 “For you are the people holy to the Lord, your God; the Lord, your God has chosen you from all the peoples on the face of the earth to be a people specially his own.”  Along with this verse was our Pokémon theme, a throwback to the beloved show and trading card game of our childhood.

We spent the weekend playing games, making new friends and praising God. Everyone on NSR was called to celebrate the St. Peter’s community this weekend and shared their love and enthusiasm for our faith.  As a table leader/Pokémon trainer, I was able to see first-hand how God was working in each of our lives this weekend.

Here are some quotes from new students about their experience of the weekend retreat:

“I loved the fact that everyone there, to a point, understood you and where you came from. We are truly a family and I felt very much like a family throughout NSR.” – Derek Christensen

“I absolutely loved the St. Peter’s New Student Retreat! It was such a great way to meet new people, grow in my faith, and feel welcomed and a part of the St. Peter’s community. It’s awesome knowing there are so many people here at Baylor who share the same beliefs as me, and want to continue growing in their faith as well! I’m so excited to become more involved!” – Nicole Glavan

“I thought NSR was amazing! I don’t believe I have ever felt so at home, so quickly, with people I barely knew. The St. Peter’s family was extremely welcoming and I was very lucky to have such incredible leaders in my group. This retreat inspired me to join Knights of Columbus and to go to Mass during the week as well. I am really looking forward to the rest of the year with this amazing community!” – Jake Allhands

New friends (and “family”) from New Student Retreat 2012

St. Peter’s New Student Retreat was an amazing experience: the coordinators, volunteers and, most of all, the retreaters made the weekend a huge success.  It was amazing to see so much excitement for our faith among these new students.  This year we have been blessed with an amazing group of new students and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for them.  We know St. Peter’s will be richly blessed by their involvement.



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