A “Distinct” Opportunity to Grow in Faith

By Emily Edmondson (a junior religion major at Baylor University.)  Emily is also the student director of RCIA at St. Peter’s which is held every Tuesday from 7-9pm. 

RCIA is not a ministry that is unique to St. Peter’s, or even Catholic college student centers. Being a convert myself, RCIA is something that has in some way been involved in my life for years now, even before coming to Baylor. Knowing this, I can confidently say that even if the program isn’t unique, the way that the people interact in RCIA at St. Peter’s, both those already Catholic and those seeking to convert, is distinctive.

For those who don’t know, RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and is the process by which adults may enter the Church and receive the sacraments. At St. Peter’s, RCIA meets every Tuesday night and involves some sort of meal, and then teaching about a prescribed topic of the faith.

It’s in this teaching that RCIA at St. Peter’s takes on its distinct character. Most of the lessons are taught by St. Peter’s students and Baylor faculty, and most, not all, of those seeking the sacraments are also college students. This mix gives RCIA here a certain thoughtful identity which mirrors the academic life of Baylor; RCIA at St. Peter’s is really a tangible example of faith seeking understanding.

Furthermore, the community of Catholics and those seeking the sacraments via RCIA is an image of the larger Church community. RCIA isn’t a group of students of the faith learning from teachers but a community of individuals coming together for the greater purpose of the faith. RCIA thrives on the prayers and support of the Baylor Catholic community at large.

If you’ve never been involved in RCIA and are interested, anyone is welcome to join us on Tuesdays and learn a little more about the faith and why the RCIA community is so unique.

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