A Welcome to St. Peter’s Newest Graduates

By: Elizabeth George, ’11 Baylor Grad blogging on behalf of the Baylor Catholic Alumni Association. Posts every first Friday of every month. Check out the BCAA here.

I think the moment that we find ourselves sitting in black graduation gowns, listening to Judge Ken Starr’s words of wisdom as we embark on the next phase of our lives creeps up on everyone. For a moment we’re young freshman, excited and ready to move in to our dorms, meet our pot luck roommates and begin to navigate the waters of higher education. And then, in a blink of an eye we’re seniors, taking our last final exams, saying goodbye to our friends and professors and walking across the Ferrell Center stage getting ready to write our own history out in the real world.

In December 2011, Judge Ken Starr spoke to Baylor’s then-newest graduates. His speech delivered four simple lessons – have the vision to think differently, dare to dream in the face of difficulty, stay true to your course, and live generously and contribute magnificently using the gifts God has graciously given to you.

Now Judge Starr is speaking in regards to Baylor, but in fact, it can be applied to any of our time at St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center.

There’s a long laundry list of things I’ve learned at St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center. I’ve learned how to change fluorescent light bulbs and have been amazed at just how many crickets find their way up in the narthex ceiling lights. I’ve spent many a day at Daily Mass, Sunday Masses or other St. Peter’s ministries. I’ve also contemplated a plan for any apocalyptic scenario – mostly including zombies – to every extent you can think of (which I’m sure was the greatest use of my time). But, it doesn’t matter what I ended up doing, what mattered was who I was doing it with.

There’s a sense of community that is undoubtedly present. I don’t have to say much more than that – chances are, at one point or another, everyone has a special moment or a memory that they associate with St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center and the Catholic community at Baylor.

Judge Starr urged the graduates to realize that even though we’re entering a new phase, “a phase of worldwide leadership and service – remember that Baylor will forever be your home. Come back. Come home often.”

I’d like to think that you can take Baylor out of that quote and just add “St. Peter’s” or “the Baylor Catholic community”. Even though we have graduated, gone out into the world and started to leave our own mark, we’re still linked together by the place that shaped up and helped strengthen us into who we are today.

Now, here at St. Peter’s, we’re doing something to make it easier to come home.

Our newly created Baylor Catholic Alumni Association is aimed at gathering the alumni community, updating with the news and developments at St. Peter’s and to provide a bridge between the alumni and the current students.

If you’re an alumni of Baylor, MCC, TSTC or you’ve been involved in any aspect of St. Peter’s Catholic Student, Newman Center or Catholic Student Center at Baylor let the office know or “like” us on Facebook here. Or, you can always call up the church office during business hours!


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