I Can’t Believe It Has Been Four Years!

By Melissa Tran

At 9:30 AM on May 12th, I will be starting my graduation ceremony for my Bachelors in Social Work. I can’t believe that it has been four years since I first started my education at Baylor, and also, since I first walked into St. Peter’s!

I remember walking into the narthex of St. Peter’s that first Sunday and being warmly greeted by another student named Melissa. There was such a sense of peace as I sat in the chapel. I just knew that I would have a great time during college and that St. Peter’s would be a safe refuge from the “outside world.”

I have learned so much in my four years of college. I have grown tremendously in my personality, knowledge, and most importantly in my faith. St. Peter’s played a hand in all of that. The community at St. Peter’s helped me open up and become a more vocal person. I’m still pretty quiet, but not quite as shy anymore. I also have become brave enough to participate in many of the ministries and even have led some of them. The community at St. Peter’s also has helped me in gaining more knowledge. I learn so much from other people about subjects ranging from politics to music to world war history. As a whole, the St. Peter’s community is comprised of students, teachers, and community members from all disciplines that have immense amounts of knowledge to share.

Most importantly, St. Peter’s has helped me grow in my faith. I now consider myself a student in my faith; I can see that the Catholic faith is very rich, very deep, and also very complex. I will never be done with learning more about my faith and have only scratched the service at St. Peter’s. I always know that I will have people from St. Peter’s to turn to whenever I have a question and that everyone there has an interest in good conversations about our faith.

I want to say thank you St. Peter’s – Father Anthony, Ms. Debbie, Ms. Janet, Deacon Frank, Deacon Jeff, all the students, and all of the permanent community members – for helping me grow in all different aspects of my life. They have walked alongside me through some of the most difficult times of my life. They have shown me so much love. I have been blessed to know them all! Next year I will be a graduate student at Baylor. I plan to continue attending Mass at St. Peter’s and participating in as many ministries as I can. St. Peter’s has a great graduate student community, and I cannot wait to join them in fellowship!


Melissa Tran, BSW, 2012

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