Bear Awakening – Better Than I Ever Expected

By: Peter Dudasko

I was raised Catholic.  As a youth, I went to Catholic summer camps, attended Catholic talks and events and went on Catholic retreats. I expected Bear Awakening would be more of the same thing: lots of songs, talks, reflection and probably a few of the sacraments. I thought I had heard and experienced everything before and this would just be review of the same.

Boy, was I wrong!

Awakening is one of the most reinvigorating and fulfilling retreats I have ever been on. I attended BA10 two weeks ago and I wish I could share more openly about all of my experiences. However, due to the need to keep the experience fresh and ‘unexpected’ for future retreaters, I am limited to what I can write. Just know that everything that happens on an Awakening weekend makes an impact on you – no matter where you are coming from.

Thinking back, I had heard all the things the retreat team shared with us, yet the activities impacted me in amazing ways that made me think deeper about the things I thought I already knew. The fact that Awakening hit me so hard with concepts that I had been hearing all my life still amazes me. By making me think about and expanding the most basic parts of my faith, I know I have become a more well-rounded Catholic.

While there is a lot I can’t say about Awakening, here is what I can say: It is an awesome experience that nobody (and I mean NOBODY) will be disappointed by. If you have any doubts the next time Bear Awakening comes around, JUST DO IT!!! It only lasts one weekend and it only costs $40 dollars, but what you get out of it will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Every part of Awakening – from the staff, to the events, to the talks, to the activities, is fantastic! It is THE college Catholic retreat to go on. If you are ever able to go, then do. If for some reason you aren’t able to go please pray for those who are considering attending, as well as those who will attend in the future. Every student should go. I am glad I did!

Peter (right in blue shirt) at BA10 with some of
his new Awakening family.


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