Our Restless Souls

By: Debbie Shannon

St. Augustine said, “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in You.”

I believe we long for intimacy our entire life because we are seeking that from which we came.  Like a screaming newborn babe seeks out his mother’s breast after being forced into this world, only calming and finding comfort after reattaching to her, we are rooting and seeking our entire life to reconnect with God.  Separated by original sin, our soul knows it is ultimately destined for union with God.

God wired us for relationship and community to teach us about intimacy and draw us back into union with Him.  Community and intimate relationships are a means to that end.  We can find Jesus in each other. They are not the end in themselves, however.  No human relationship can ever fully satisfy us.  We must continue to seek what we were made for…God.

When you are in love with another person, you enjoy it when they hold you with their arms around you.  It can be the same way with God, only better. Your desire and longing to be held by another person is evidence of your need to be held by God.

Love the caress of God. Cling to His presence and hate clinging to anything else.   You can trust God to lavish enough of His presence to quench your thirsty need for love.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for you to make God become your one and only pursuit.  Your need would only drive you to “keep looking” toward people – who only have the same need for God as you.

God made you with desire.  Fill yourself with Him.

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