The Great, Belated Intro Post

by Katherine

It might be a bit of an exaggeration to call myself the world’s worst procrastinator, so I’ll spare you the melodrama—I actually run a close second. When I was hired at St. Peter’s, I told Mama Debs that I’d do an introductory post about myself for the blog. But then I got the flu the first week of school. I spent the second week recovering, and the third scrambling to catch up on school work. By this time, of course, writing a blog post had officially Gotten Away From Me, and was therefore mentally categorized as Not a Priority. Eventually, the idea that I “should probably write some kind of intro post or something” drifted through my mind, but as a pro-procrastinator, thoughts like these are typically shot on sight.

So time passed, and a kind of guilt began to steal over me. I had to admit that I couldn’t put the blog off forever. I would write an intro post! I had to! And so I tried. And I deleted. And I tried again. It’s not like I was required to write the Great American Novel or something—I was just supposed to tell who I am and what I do for St. Peter’s. But, as I slowly came to realize, writing a blog post isn’t easy. I began to feel anxious. It had already been delayed so long; wouldn’t a post this late just be awkward? But eventually Mama D intervened. She insisted that I write an introductory post and gave me a deadline, which I promptly missed.

But here I go. Let me (finally) introduce myself.

Hi there. My name is Katherine, and I’m Ms. Debbie’s new student worker. I help with St. Peter’s website, Facebook page, blog (hahaha!), and other various projects that need an extra hand. I’m a “senior” at Baylor, meaning I won’t be graduating for two more years, and I’m studying studio art with a concentration in printmaking. (If you aren’t sure what printmaking is, ask me! I’ll try to explain it and you still won’t know what it is.)

It’s always a little intimidating to start a new job and get involved with a new community, but St. Peter’s has been so great. You guys are incredibly welcoming and sweet and encouraging. I have always wanted to get more involved with the St. Peter’s community, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. Around Christmastime I saw that the center was looking for an assistant, and after praying about it, I submitted my application, thinking, “If I don’t get it, it’s not where God wants me to be.” But here I am, and I can only hope that by being here I can learn something from all of you, and be at least somewhat useful in the meantime. I look forward to meeting all of you, and I hope you’ll be patient with me as I get the hang of things. I promise that one day, I’ll even stop being a procrastinator.

Just not today.


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