The True Face of Beauty

By Reyna. Reyna is a senior involved in liturgical and  pro-life ministries.

Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the beauty of your eyes, your lips, and your hands? The smile of your eyes can bring joy into a room…the whispers of your lips can satisfy a broken heart, and the work of your hands can lighten the load of another.

God reveals himself to us through creation.
Because beauty is an adventure and creation is a sacrament of God’s love. Everywhere we turn we see his signature.  We comprehend verbal expressions of beauty with our mind but we apprehend beauty with our heart. We thirst for truth. In truth we find beauty. We are drawn to beauty because of the truth that beauty holds.  This attraction leads us to an even greater mystery.

Why was beauty created? So that we might be drawn to the wonder of a lovely sunset or sunrise? The colors of a fall season or the smell of early spring?
We must not forget that although we transcend nature we are also a part of it.

There is undeniable goodness in beauty.
We are irresistibly drawn outside of ourselves to the goodness in beauty itself. The surprise of a newborn baby or the ecstasy of a beautiful woman are meant for amazement.  We are drawn to what is good and pure because beauty is the language of the soul. We are in awe of the goodness in creation because beauty is the language of worship.

In the end, beauty is the true and the good. We will be saved by beauty.
Beauty will save the world.


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