Fulfillment Through Service

by Melissa.  Melissa is a senior social work major from Houston, TX.  Melissa enjoys learning more about her Catholic faith especially through her peers and of course loves to serve during Mass.

Ever since fall semester of my freshman year, I have served St. Peter’s through liturgical ministry.  That first semester the liturgical director at the time trained me to serve as a sacristan, an usher, and a lector.  I thoroughly enjoyed serving St. Peter’s during the Mass and had a special love for being a sacristan.  Therefore, I was scheduled almost every Sunday to serve as a sacristan and eventually was asked to become the sacristan captain.  In the next few semesters, I became trained to serve as an altar server and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC). Now I am blessed to serve as the liturgical director at St. Peter’s.

Liturgical ministry has definitely impacted my life and has brought me so much joy.  Almost every Sunday I serve at the 9:30 AM Mass as a sacristan.  I love the quiet in the chapel at 8:30 am when everyone is still at home getting ready for Mass.  I love the time I get to spend with God while putting all the sacred vessels on the credence table.  And I love being able to serve not only God but also all my brothers and sisters in Christ through the simple act of making sure all things are in place.

After Mass, I always feel this peace inside of me that I cannot explain except to say that God has granted me joy and stillness throughout the Mass.  Walking out of St. Peter’s on Sunday mornings always makes the day much more enjoyable.  In addition, being a liturgical minister has also made me more aware of all the small details about the Mass and has made me more curious about why Catholics do what they do.  Have you ever thought about why Catholics genuflect to the altar during Mass or why altar servers ring the bell at certain points throughout the Mass?

There are 76 liturgical ministers at St. Peter’s, and each of them inspires me each and every day.  Seeing their desire to serve always pushes me to fall deeper in love with God and deeper in love with service.  I see the humbleness of these liturgical ministers and know that I want to be more like them.  Trying to follow in their footsteps, I want to serve God not to be seen, not to be recognized or admired, but instead because I love God and want to give back a little of what He has given me.

I encourage everyone to pray about serving at Mass through liturgical ministry and/or the choir at least once and experience the spiritual fulfillment that inevitably arises through service.


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