Mama says…


“I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed.” Psalm 77:3


Our words are like photographs of our thoughts. The moment we express them, we empower them. We also create a climate that affects everything and everyone around us.


I was growing weary recently with the multitude of tasks that my job as Center Coordinator brings to the already over-worked personal life of a mother.  I needed a get-away, and fortunately, I had signed up for a women’s ACTS retreat.  It was truly a mountain top experience with the Beloved and a shot in the arm for my tired mind, body and soul.  As a result, I feel much refreshed now.


I knew I needed it and had made the effort to take the time off with God. However, some of us can’t seem to give ourselves permission to take time “for me.”   We grew up “burden-conscious,” instead of “blessing-conscious.” We say things like, “I don’t have time.” ” Who will do my work?” “No one appreciates how much I do or how much I need this.” Or even, “I don’t deserve it.”


David said, “I complained and my spirit was overwhelmed.” The more we complain, the more we believe our complaints.


Who created our schedule any way? Do we get our self worth from carrying the world on our shoulders? Does the voice in our head say, “If I don’t do everything perfectly and on time…I’m a failure…others won’t need me…love me…respect me?” Look out! That’s the voice of pride! However humble and self-sacrificing it may sound, it’s pride. We all have limits and we all need time to recharge.


What’s really important in our lives? If we had only a year to live, we’d figure out in a hurry, wouldn’t we? Three things would change right away: We’d place more value on what we have, than on what we want. We wouldn’t be in such a hurry. Being right and perfect would lose their appeal.


Instead of complaining and being overwhelmed today, why don’t we count our blessings, and figure out what’s really important.  And if you have to get away for a day or two with our Lord, or even just take an hour of adoration time with Jesus to find clarity and peace. JUST DO IT!  You will thank yourself and so will those around you!


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