Let’s Set This World on Fire, Social Media Style

by Celina. Celina is a senior Social Work major from Brownsville, Texas and coordinator of Bear Awakening 10. This is her second post for the Baylor Catholic blog.

I’m currently sitting in Elizabeth’s Honda Fit reflecting on the sounds of Brandon Heath as she drives past Exit 264, northbound I-35. Yes, I’m literally typing out this blog on the way back from a very fruitful meet up involving an up and coming social media lay apostolate.

Austin Catholic New Media is the perfect example of John Paul II’s vision of the new evangelization. This beautiful apostolate “seeks to provide relevant information and services for ministries, organizations and parishes seeking to start using or learn more about new and social media”. They also provide insightful blogs, podcasts, and resources relevant to the 21st century Catholic.

In the very beginning of this meet up, I was a little worried about how I would personally fit in to all of this. These were my thoughts: “I’m a social work major. What in the world could I bring to this table of media savvy minds? There is nothing that I would have in common with these people.” I was already intimidated before stepping into that room.  However, there was something that I didn’t even stop to consider until the opening prayer, we’re all in love with spreading the Truth! That’s what we have in common!

The very first speaker, Cris Almanza, opened up his talk by saying that the greatest tool in evangelization is joy. This immediately struck a chord with me because it is so true. The greatest tool is to use the light of the Spirit that God instills in all of us at our Baptism, to use what we have in front of us to spread God’s message to all people. Our Lord says, in Isaiah, that He will make us a light to all the nations so that His Salvation may reach to the ends of the earth (Isaiah 49:6). Y’all, that’s totally us! We are that light!

We need to use our resources to let our light shine to the ends of the earth. God wants us to be so filled with this light that it is not only within us, but that it resonates to others. And what do we have right in front of us? What resources do we have? Social media, of course! Think about it. How did you hear about this blog? How long ago did you tell the entire Facebook world what’s on your mind? How many tweets do you post in a day?

Have you ever thought about using those tools as a way of spreading the Gospel? Spreading the Truth? God longs to use us, as believers of Christ, as the messengers of His endless love and mercy. Why can’t that message be in the form of a Facebook status or tweet? In today’s generation, it’s almost the best way to send that message out.

Very recently, I’ve been inspired to update my Facebook status with the words that Jesus spoke to my patron saint, St. Faustina. Without fail, I would get “likes”, comments, and Facebook messages saying how much the words meant to them and it’s exactly what they needed to hear during that particular time. People would thank me, but here’s the thing: those were not my words. Those were Jesus’ words! Yet, I am so humbled that God used me as a vessel to bring those few words to life on Facebook and to touch someone’s heart. Do you ever think that God could be doing the very same thing with you?

Well, my exit is slowly approaching. You officially just read every feeling I could muster in the sum of one hour. I pray that this blog reaches you with precious blessings and tender mercies. And may every Facebook status, every tweet, and every check-in be for the greater Glory of God.


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