Rejoice in the Lord, Again I Say Rejoice – Philippians 4:4

By Fr.  Anthony Odiong.  Fr. Anthony serves as Director of St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

The chief advantage of being Roman Catholic is that it habituates one to think and feel all things sacramentally.

The Catholic faith is based on an intuition that everything means something; that life is a dance and not chance. Everything is indeed a sign of something else; a sign of grace that the created world is a setting for the communication of grace, that being is good and everything is a sacrament.

To be a sacrament a thing must be palpable and a means for God to communicate life to humanity. Any created thing can therefore be used by God to convey his life. Grace moves through the sensible material world of touch and taste to arrive at the still point. Over and above this, the greatest ‘Sacrament’ is the God-man Jesus Christ who brings God to us, who makes the invisible visible. All of nature is pregnant with meaning and signification. From the above, you will agree that the Catholic Church holds the key to decoding the meaning of nature and the vocation of man.

It is such a substantial advantage for us to be human because God is not just one with us, he’s also one of us. We are all implicated in the mystery of the Incarnation. We all possess in a sense, or at least relate in some way, to the One who loves us.

The only adequate response to this truth is Joy. Let us rejoice!


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