Knights of Columbus: A Profile

By Sylvester.  Sylvester is a senior studying History with a concentration in U.S. History and Slavic Studies.  Sylvester carries the role of Grand Knight within the Knights of Columbus Council #13577 and is fortunate to call the rest of the Knights, the best group of brothers he’s never had.

The Knights of Columbus Council #13577 at St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center is committed to exemplifying the principles our order proudly touts: patriotism, fraternity, unity and charity.  We offer entrance to all Catholic young men currently enrolled in higher education in the Waco metropolitan area, however, our proximity to Baylor University allows us a unique caveat in presenting our visibility to the community of St. Peter’s as Catholic gentleman.

The way our relationship to Baylor University influences our council is contingent upon the vision to which our council wishes to aspire.  Despite the principle of fraternity providing an essential component to our Council, we are by no means defined as a college fraternity.  Our purpose of existence is grounded in the notion that we are an order; an order primarily invested in the security and well being of each brother Knight.

How does this translate tangibly into the actions and responsibilities our order provides?    The answer to this would have to be deferred to our worst kept secret – our insurance program.  The history of the Knights is grounded upon our founder, Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s vision to have life insurance available to each member of the Knights of Columbus.  At the time of the late 19th century, when Catholics were treated as second tier citizens, the idea of security and solidarity could not be greater exemplified than with the foresight he had to assure that loved ones wouldn’t forgotten or left uncomforted.

This solidarity is equally important to today’s young collegiate gentlemen.  At a time where new things are abound, the Knights of Columbus at St. Peter’s offers young Catholic men a semblance of brotherhood, and an opportunity to engage in community volunteerism.  Although no Knight is forced to accept the insurance program, it provides each Knight with the opportunity to engage in another principle that is exclusive to all college councils – an ascension of maturity.

Go Roman Week, The Knight’s recruitment weekend, is taking place this week. For more information about the Knights or Go Roman week please email


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