Finally at Home at Baylor

Mary Margaret Hambuchen is a freshman from Conway, Arkansas, studying Public Relations at Baylor. She is very passionate about the Pro-Life movement, and interested in spreading the Catholic faith through the use of the media and modern technology

I was sick of making new friends.  The insane amount of people I had already met had far exceeded my expectations, and my ability to socially interact had been pretty much exhausted. I had a fairly steady group of friends already, and was seriously considering faking sick so I could spend the weekend sleeping. If we’re being honest, and I like to think we are, my desire to participate in St. Peter’s had sort of worn off. It was cool and all, but as long as I went to Mass every Sunday and made an effort to live a Catholic and Christian lifestyle, nothing else really mattered. After all, this isn’t high school anymore.

From K-12, I went to a Catholic school. My faith had been a huge part of my life ever since I was a child. My family said Rosaries together, went to Mass together, and read scripture on Sunday evenings. We had our problems as a family, but I was always taught to stay grounded in Christ, no matter the situation. This probably helps to explain my nervousness in coming to Baylor. I was extremely scared of not finding other Catholic students who were just as passionate about their faith, and made a daily effort not only to live a Christian lifestyle, but a Catholic one. When I heard that St. Peters was hosting a New Student Retreat, I immediately hoped on board.

When I showed up at St. Peters with my sleeping bag and pillow, I had no idea that God was going to transform me in ways I couldn’t possibly imagine. After traveling to Lake Whitney State Park, and getting past the silly awkward icebreaker games, I realized something. These people were like me. Each of us had very unique qualities, but we were all one body in Christ. This idea became more and more apparent to me over the course of the weekend. I began to learn the details of these people’s lives. I smiled with radiant joy the entire three days, comforted in being surrounded by friends who believed in the awesome power of the Eucharist.

The friends I now have through St. Peters are ones I already know will last a lifetime. God has already blessed me with great Christian friends who love to live for the Lord, but knowing I have a strong set of Catholic friends supporting me and constantly welcoming me makes me feel more at home at Baylor than I ever have. We share a connection in our faith that is simply cannot be explained, but must be experienced. NSR made me feel so alive in my faith, so at peace with being at Baylor, and extremely thankful to have found such amazing friends who continue to make me feel completely at home.

St. Peter’s is certainly a gift from God, and I already cannot imagine a Baylor without it. New Student Retreat transformed my life here at Baylor, and I know St. Peter’s will continue to bless me and many other students in this way for many years to come.





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