Social Media Junkie? Check This Group Out!

By Elizabeth

If you’re anything like me, a twenty-something college student, I’m addicted to social media. In fact, I obsessively check the site stats on our blog to see exactly how many hits we get. In fact, our first friday post, got 33 hits in the first three hours on the web and that’s our traffic just from our Facebook page! We’re still new to this and still learning the ropes.

But if you have not checked out these people, you should!

Austin Catholic New Media is a collection of bloggers, podcasts, Sunday homilies and resources from around the Diocese of Austin. My favorite is their podcast, “Two Guys, A Girl, A Catholic Podcast”. They also have tons of contributers from around the diocese and always have cool stuff posted.

You can also friend them on Facebook or check out their Twitter page to get your social media fix! If you don’t have those, you can check them out on Linkedin or even Foursquare!

(And no, they didn’t pay me to advertise for them, I just think they’re super cool!)


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